How they started the band

In an era of teenage angst and revolution the Gothenburg powertrio The Sorayas was formed. The band consists of Soraya Mirgalou (drums), Annika Forsberg (Guitar and vocals) and Hanna Maurin (bass). It all started in April of 2000 when Annika Forsberg was serching for band members by putting up notes in the lokal record stores. Thats how she met Soraya and Hanna they quickly connected by a common bond in music and lifestyle. Spending the evenings listening to songs they decided to name the band after the persian prinsess soraya and ofcourse their own drummer. The band started playing above a car mecanicstore and it only took a few monts before they recorded their first demo. And started to give conserts at clubs and festivals around Sweden. Sorayas is trying to combined the best parts of slammer poppunk with melodic tunes. Their pure love in music and forfillment in making good songs keep them alive in the cold climate of todays fucked up money making musicindustri.

Credit list

Agency: But Is It Art?
Director: John Eriksson & Christian Hillén
Producer: The Sorayas
Editor: Christian Hillén & John Eriksson
Production company: clairstyler
Snow Machine: Ejal Shachar
Support: Erik Turestedt, Tobias Hillen, Joel Lindgren
Camera: AG-DVX100 with homebuilt 35mm adaptor (JE35)

The Sorayas “Easytune”

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